Industrial Automation Solutions
Our Service include
Software development (PLC, DCS & SCADA)
Add on packages like report generation, EMS, HVAC, DG Synchronization, BMS and web based plant monitoring Commissioning & Training. Sun Shine Automation had offered services on automation products like Siemens using SCADA Software like WINCC, WINCC Flexible .
Our Automation Solutions
Process Automation solutions for
Veg oil refineries, Breweries, Distilleries, Sugar Plants, Steel Plants, Cement Plants, Paper Industries, Textiles Industries, Water Treatment & Waste water treatment plants, Dairy Plants etc.
Factory Automation Solutions for
Automobiles, Material handling, packaging , printing, airport baggage handling etc.
Monitoring Solutions for
Power generation, Power Plants distribution and Energy monitoring, Substations, Boilers, Air, Gas, Water & Electricity etc.